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Carter Electrical Ltd

Experienced, friendly and informative Electricians providing quality workmanship.

Our motto "Get the Job Done" this means to complete the work efficiently, safely and to a high standard. This helps us towards achieving our goal of being reliable contractors for all our clients.

Services Provided

New electrical circuit installation

Commercial / Industrial Electrical Installations

Control system panel with engineers

Electrical Engineering

Our service agreements mutually beneficial

Service-Level Agreements

      Quick Summary of some of the services we offer are:

  • Any fixed wiring electrical work large or small

  • ​Control panel design, build, installation, commission and service

  • Panel board design, build, installation, commission and service

  • Industrial and commercial electrician call outs for any fault finding

  • Distribution board, new installation, upgrading, alteration, additions

  • Conveyor controls, new systems, safety upgrades, speed control, automation, pneumatic actuation

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