Electrical Engineering

Carter Electrical has experience of providing control systems across multiple industries. 

Examples of work that can be carried out

Control Panels

We have completed numerous panel builds to machine builders specifications, relieving the customer of the design, build, installation and commissioning of the control system. This includes the PLC programming and safety verification and validation required.

Line alterations

Improving production is always a priority. This can be from addition of sensors for stopping conveyors, validation of labels for barcodes or dates, inserting data into a database for key point indicators or additional equipment integration.

Safety upgrades

From machine risk assessments being carried out or near misses. Machines can be found to require a new or additional safety system. We can provide machine functional safety to keep operations running safley.

Electrical Design

Carter Electrical have taken design contracts for customers who have needed extra capacity in the electrical design process. This helps take the pressure off the customers design team and keep machinery production flowing.