Service Level Agreements

This is a service tailor made for your needs.

Do you have critical equipment that you need to keep running?

When you have a failure do you have to plead to get an engineer to site quickly?

Having to bring in different contractors meaning the engineers are not familiar with the installation?

The unexpected costs can vary and is not budgeted for.

With a Service Level Agreement Carter Electrical can determine your needs through consultation. 

This would identify the following:

      - The equipment which would be under the agreement.

      - The speed of response required.

      - The number of responses agreed.

      - Any preventative maintenance included.

On Agreement: 

      - The number and speed of responses.

      - Engineers survey.

      - An obsolescence report, detailing long lead time parts required.

      - A preventative maintenance plan.

With these in place you have the knowledge of having engineers on call to keep the critical equipment running within the agreed response time.

Engineers familiarity coming from surveying the equipment.

Quicker repair from holding critical spares.

On-going prevention of failure with planned maintenance.

A budgeted cost for maintenance and call outs.

If a Service Level agreement could help your business please contact us.